HarvestReact's Mission:
Funding Financial Freedom

HarvestReact started out as a small idea back in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic. With businesses shutting down and struggling to maintain profit margins and steady clients, we knew we had to come up with a solution to help the growth of other businesses. We knew that more and more companies had the need to go digital and didn't have the means to transition smoothly.


Since then, we have found and incorporated other ways of helping people grow their passive income sources. We have grown our expertise in setting up and running e-commerce stores on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Amazon.

We have partnered with Bottom Line Concepts to help businesses apply for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Program, allowing businesses to get up to $26k per employee for working through the global pandemic.

Whether you are an individual or representing your business, let us help you find a way to grow your passive income stream to help you take that first step towards financial freedom.

Welcome to HarvestReact

Helping Individuals & Businesses Grow Passive Income Streams for a Life of Financial Freedom

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Are You Ready to Make an Investment for Your Future?


Are you looking to make an investment but don't know where to start? Have you been looking into e-commerce stores but don't want to take all the time to build something on your own from the ground up? HarvestReact will take all the manual labor out of owning your own e-commerce. We partner with expert companies to help investors who are serious about growing passive streams of income to own their own e-commerce stores on well known platforms like Amazon or Facebook Marketplace.

Don't reinvent the wheel, our proven business model is already in place to help someone like you get started. Connect with our E-Commerce Experts to get you started on your investment journey today. 

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Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Program

ERC is a stimulus program designed to help those businesses that were able to retain their employees during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Established by the CARES Act, it is a refundable tax credit – a grant, not a loan – that you can claim for your business. The ERC is available to both small and mid-sized businesses. It is based on qualified wages and healthcare paid to employees.

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Social Media Growth Package

We have partnered with Wifi Money™  to provide you with exceptional social media growth, increase your following on Instagram and other social media platforms. 

Simple & Proven

Let HarvestReact take your social media to the next level. Digital marketing can be really intimidating, but we can make it simple.

HarvestReact is here to help you rapidly grow your online presence with a proven marketing strategy that has worked for over hundreds of clients.

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Our three step proven marketing strategy has helped individuals and businesses gain the social credibility they need to attract their target audiences on platforms like Instagram.

Our Social Media Marketing Consultants will help you take your online presence to the next level. Reach out and learn more!

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